Throughout Maine, Free Energy Maine Windows & Doors has helped improve the comfort, warmth and appearance of the homes of Maine homeowners. The right window is an important part of one of your largest investments – your home. The right window can make your home more comfortable, save money and add beauty to the interior and exterior. And unless windows are properly fitted and installed, you can have cold air drafts and water infiltration.

This is why we offer services to both restore older windows and install new windows.

Restore Your Existing Windows

In Maine, there are thousands of older homes. Many homeowners want to retain the character of their older homes, and restore their existing windows to pristine condition. That’s why Free Energy Maine has partnered with Bagala Window Works, the premier window restoration company in Maine. Bagala treats your windows and doors like the antiques they are, making them look and work the way they were intended. When finished, your windows will look like new and work better than ever, ready to grace your home for another century.

Upgrade Your Existing Windows

Newer windows can improve your home’s appearance, comfort and energy efficiency. Whatever style window you choose, you’ll be able to customize the new look of your home. We will address your current questions and concerns, identify any unique installation challenges, and provide you with a detailed solution including price for your overall window and door project. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction throughout the entire replacement process.

Replacing your old windows and doors can be an intimidating project for many homeowners. Leave it to us to deliver you the peace of mind you deserve.

Free Energy Audit

An energy audit is the plan for the energy efficiency of your home. Updating your windows is an important first step, but it is only one step. That’s why we include a Free Energy Audit with your window installation. An energy audit, a $400 value, will help pinpoint other issues and give you a plan to make your home more efficient and comfortable.

Superior Window Warranty

Our goal is high quality work that you can trust. Free Energy Maine Windows & Doors installs all windows with great care and we install high quality Harvey windows. They are manufactured in New England and come with a superior guarantee of quality. Our windows and doors all carry lifetime warranties for their core components, plus a twenty year warranty on glass seal failures. They should last for decades and look beautiful the whole time

If you are looking to improve your windows, contact us today at 207-450-6110 or through our contact form to schedule!