There are many quick fixes for ice dams… But only one cure.

ice-damHomeowners are often confused as to where to start with ice dams.

Most companies aim for one big sale that will “fix” your ice dam problems. Roofing contractors push metal roofs and ice shields, insulation salesmen push insulation and everyone promises it will fix your problem.

That’s why Free Energy Maine focuses on unbiased, conflict-free advice. We’re committed to properly diagnosing the problem and fixing it. We’ll eliminate your ice dams and lay out a step by step plan to make your home healthier and more comfortable.

What Causes Ice Dams?

An ice dam is a mound of ice that forms on the edge of your roof during the winter. Ice dams form when the roof warms up and melts built up snow. The water flows to roof eaves and refreezes (as the eave is much colder since it extends away from the house). Gutters, flat pitched roofs and valleys in the roof can all make ice dams worse.

How Do You Fix Ice Dams?

There are many ways to temporarily fix ice dams. You can rake snow off before it melts, break ice dams up before they become too large, add electrical tape to melt the ice or do a variety of roof repairs that prevent water damage.

How Do You Cure Ice Dams?

There is only one way to cure ice dams. Stop the air leakage and heat loss caused by inadequate insulation and excessive warm air leakage. Free Energy Maine’s energy audits will identify exactly what air leaks and insulation issues are causing the ice dams and give you a plan for curing the problem.

Who Are We?

Free Energy Maine is the only full-time independent home energy consulting company in greater Portland.

What Do We Do?

Our BPI certified energy advisors offer home energy assessments and home savings project management throughout Maine.

Our focus is pairing the best advice and contracting possible that most effectively addresses your concerns. Whether we are building a plan for your home, or overseeing the work, our goal is doing the best for your home.

Contact us today at 207-450-6110 or through our contact form to schedule your home assessment and cure your ice dam problem!