Our goal is to provide unbiased advice about your home. To that end, we offer home consultations and project management but do not own any of the solutions.

Our motto is “Energy Solutions You Can Trust” for a reason. We never want to be in a position where we’re making recommendations because we own the product or have idle employees. We’ll make sure whatever improvement path is followed is the right one for you.  We’ve found this method can actually cost less than more traditional approaches.

A Customized Plan:
After our sit-down interview, we’ll sketch out a multi-phase plan to improve your home.  By phasing the project we hope to make it easier to understand and make your informed perspective a critical part of the process. The path will be customized to you and your home, tackling as much or as little as you’d like.

Quality Contractors:
We’ve vetted our contractors over the last 10 years. We offer insulation, ventilation, heating, hot water and basement finishing solutions and use only the best, most reliable contractors we’ve found.

Project Oversight:
We will be on site the first day of your project and the last day to review the work. We’ll check it against our Quality Assurance checklist and correct any sub-standard issues while on site.  Our role is to supervise the contractors and advocate for you.  If something doesn’t make sense or isn’t as expected, we’ll work with the contractor to make it right.

Contact us today at 207-329-7219 or through our contact form to schedule your home assessment!