Home Buyer Energy Partner Program

Find the right house, and make it the best home.

Free Energy Maine is committed being a trusted, life­long adviser about saving money and making your home healthier and more comfortable. This includes:

Unbiased Advice: We strive to provide unbiased advice about your home. To that end,
we provide pre­sales home evaluations and advice. We will do a thermal imaging analysis and walkthrough of the house. We’ll review our energy assessment checklist to determine issues with comfort and savings, before you commit to a house.

Customized Plan: Once you’ve had a chance to settle in, we’ll schedule a sit down interview.

We’ll discuss your plans and devise a multi­phase plan to improve your home. By phasing the project we hope to make it easier to understand and make your informed perspective a critical part of the process.

Quality Contractors: Should you want work done, we can manage any home savings project. We’ve vetted our contractors over the last 10 years. We offer insulation, ventilation, heating and hot water solutions and use only the best, most reliable contractors we’ve found.

Project Oversight: Our role is to supervise the contractors and advocate for you. We will be on site the first day and last day of any project to review the work. We’ll check it against our Quality Assurance checklist and correct any issues while on site.

Free Home Advice for Life: If you move or purchase another home in Maine, we will do a one hour walkthrough and thermal imaging analysis and assist in selling your current home.