Your Energy Assessment:

Homeowners have many questions about where to start with their home projects. Should they insulate the attic? Should they install a new high efficiency heating system or replace the windows?

Contractors have a vested interested in selling their own product. Heating contractors push furnaces and heat pumps, insulation salesmen offer their services, others push windows and everyone promises that their services will fix your problems.

Free Energy Maine is only concerned with providing the best advice possible.  It’s the reason our motto is:

“Energy Solutions You Can Trust”

An Energy Assessment is the blueprint for improving your home.

The Process


The energy assessment process takes about 3 to 4 hours. It all starts with a homeowner interview. We discuss your priorities and plans for the house, where it is cold or uncomfortable and the problems you want to have addressed.

infrared-houseBuilding Inspection & Infrared Imaging:

Next, we perform an interior and exterior inspection of your home. We also scan the wall insulation and possible air leaks with an infrared camera. Based on the style and age of the building and the interview, we document issues with moisture, ventilation, condition of the insulation.

blower-doorBlower Door Test:

The next step is performing a blower door test. The blower door uses a very large fan to depressurize the house. The blower door lets us quantify how much air is escaping the house and where the leaks are.  Combined with the infrared camera, we can identify major issues with insulation and heat loss.

Health & Safety Testing

The safety of your home is our first priority. We test for carbon monoxide – a poisonous byproduct of all combustion appliances, including fuel-burning furnaces, boilers, water-heaters, and space heaters – and ensure that chimneys, flues, exhaust fans are functioning appropriately. We also look for indications of other health hazards, including asbestos, high moisture levels that could foster mold growth, and outdated electrical wiring.

Other Considerations

Your house is a system, and every variable – from the building envelope and heating system to the way you use your space – affects your comfort and energy costs. We note your fuel use history, domestic hot water production, condition of your windows and doors, and more.

Detailed Report & Project Design

This whole-house assessment provides a big picture of your home’s current performance and reveals opportunities to help you create a healthier, more comfortable home with lower energy costs, increased property value, and greater durability. We report that information and recommend improvements that could cut your overall heating and cooling costs by 25-50%.

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