A home is the largest single investment most of us will make. And many Mainers are looking to improve their homes through the Efficiency Maine programs.

Free Energy Maine is a Registered Energy Advisor with Efficiency Maine, able to qualify your projects for up to $5000 in rebates and more easily qualified, low interest loans.

Free Energy Maine has qualified more than 1,000 insulation, air sealing and heating system projects for Efficiency Maine programs, more than any other company in the state. In fact, we were recognized by Efficiency Maine in 2015 as one of Efficiency Maine’s premier partners.

Efficiency Maine Rebates:
Efficiency Maine offers incentives for homeowners improving the energy performance of their home, including qualified upgrades for insulation, tightening up drafts, installing heat pumps and Energy Star heating systems. Get your Efficiency Maine rebate!

Efficiency Maine Loans:
Efficiency Maine offers a variety of energy loans to help you pay for energy upgrades. All of their loans are low-interest, long-term loans with no fees. The application process is simple and quick. Often, annual energy savings exceed the cost of monthly loan payments in the very first year.

Here’s the information on the Efficiency Maine Loan Program: http://www.efficiencymaine.com/at-home/energy-loans/

And if you’re ready to move ahead with the work, here’s the link to the pre-approval application.

If you are looking for rebates on your work, or a loan to help finance it, give us a call at 207-329-7219 or use our contact form. We can help!