Energy Consulting Services

Is your home uncomfortable in both the winter and summer and costing you too much money to maintain?

Find out how Free Energy Maine’s independent advice and solutions can address your home problems. Free Energy Maine is the only full-time independent energy consulting company in greater Portland.

Energy Assessments:

If you’re looking for a complete plan for your home improvement, we’ll schedule a full energy assessment. Using the blower door, infrared imaging and visual inspections, we gather all the information about your home. Then, we’ll put together a customized plan to best address your concerns.

Project Management:

After developing your plan, we will bring in the appropriate contractors from our list of vetted companies to address your home’s needs.

We will be on site the first day of your project and the last day to review the work. Our role is to supervise the contractors and advocate for you.

Efficiency Maine:

Free Energy Maine is an Efficiency Maine Registered Energy Advisor and was recognized by Efficiency Maine as one of the top energy efficiency companies in Maine. We can assist with all Efficiency Maine rebate and loan programs.

New Homebuyer Program:

Free Energy Maine does pre-sale consultations for potential home buyers. We’ll find any issues and challenges, prioritize improvements, and make a plan that makes your new home more comfortable, all while saving money.

Lifetime Energy Partners:

Free Energy Maine is committed being a trusted, life-long adviser to help you save money and make your home healthier and more comfortable. To this end, once we’ve helped you with your current home, we’ll do a one hour walkthrough for any future homes in Maine for free.

Contact us today at 207-329-7219 or through our contact form to schedule your home assessment!