About the Partners

Erik North, President & Founder
Energy-Auditor-And-PuggleErik founded Free Energy Maine in 2008 and is the President and primary energy advisor. He graduated from the Maine State Housing Authority’s Residential Energy Auditor program in 2008, the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) Building Analyst program in 2010. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors in Statistics and English literature.

Erik is a member of the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals (MABEP) and a Participating Energy Advisor with Efficiency Maine. After consulting on over a thousand projects in the last several years, Erik discovered that many homeowners were uncertain about who to trust. Every heating and insulation company would assure homeowners that their service would address the problems. Erik and Free Energy Maine have made their focus on independent, conflict-free advice and solutions.

Andrew Greenlaw, Sr. Building Analyst
Andrew-GreenlawAndrew joined Free Energy Maine in 2013 and is a BPI Building Analyst. Andrew graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Lowell with a Masters in Radiation Physics.

Andrew loves Free Energy Maine’s philosophy of “Energy Solutions you can Trust” as, in his experience, it’s all too easy to be steered in the wrong direction by even well-intentioned professionals. His desire is to be a part of building a new model: one where the best interest of the homeowner is the top priority.

His background is diverse having worked as a registered respiratory therapist for many years and more recently as a radiation physicist at Harvard University. Ultimately, the greatest satisfaction comes from living in Maine and helping homeowners learn about and achieve energy efficiency while saving them money in the process.

His interests include science, Crossfit, and spending free time with his wife and baby daughter in South Portland, Maine.

One of his favorite quotes is, “People may dislike being cold and they may dislike paying a lot for heat, but they really hate being cold and paying a lot for heat!”  If you’ve ever felt this way, please give us a call.  We can help!

Peter Ulrickson, Sr. Project Manager
Peter UlricksonPeter joined Free Energy Maine in 2015 and became a partner in 2016. He has an extensive background in overseeing projects for 20 years working for Lowe’s kitchen and bathroom departments. Peter’s breadth of knowledge has allowed Free Energy Maine to expand it’s contracting offerings to include insulation, heating installations and basement finishing.

Peter lives in Harrison with his son Ellis, where he owns a 19th century farmhouse.