Free Energy Maine

Homeowners have many questions about where to start with their home projects. Should they insulate the attic? Should they install a new high efficiency heating system or replace the windows?

Contractors have a vested interested in selling their own product. Heating contractors push furnaces and heat pumps, insulation salesmen offer their services, others push windows and everyone promises that their services will fix your problems.

Free Energy Maine is only concerned with providing the best advice possible.  It’s the reason our motto is:

“Energy Solutions You Can Trust”

Erik North founded Free Energy Maine in 2008 and is the President and primary energy advisor. He graduated from the Maine State Housing Authority’s Residential Energy Auditor program in 2008, the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) Building Analyst program in 2010. Erik is a member of the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals (MABEP) and a Participating Energy Advisor with Efficiency Maine.

Andrew Greenlaw joined Free Energy Maine in 2013 and is a BPI Certified Building Analyst. Andrew loved Free Energy Maine’s philosophy of “Energy Solutions you can Trust” as, in his experience, it’s all too easy to be steered in the wrong direction by even well-intentioned professionals. His desire is to be a part of building a new model where the best interest of the homeowner is put first.