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heat-sensorHomeowners are often confused as to where to start improving their home.

Most companies aim for one big sale that will “fix” your issues. Heating contractors push furnaces and heat pumps, insulation salesmen push insulation and everyone promises huge savings.

That’s why Free Energy Maine focuses on unbiased, conflict-free advice. We’re committed to being an honest life-long partner, laying out a step by step plan to make your home healthier and more comfortable.

Who Are We?

Free Energy Maine is the only full-time independent energy consulting company in greater Portland.

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Our BPI certified energy advisors offer home energy assessments and home savings project management throughout Maine.

Our focus is pairing the best advice and contracting possible that most effectively addresses your concerns.

R-Value is a Lie (And Other Provocative Titles)

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in blog |

  Or at least as Allison Bailes posted earlier this year, it is not a constant. Green Building Advisor once published my post on thermal bridging. The audience there is an extraordinarily knowledgeable one which leads to some spirited discussions. Following the thermal bridging article, there was some jockeying over whether R-value is an objective value and if it is over-rated. My belief is that R-value measuring a material’s thermal...

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How to Avoid Mold Part 2 – Control Temperature

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in blog |

      An Energy Auditing Blog article on reducing mold risk by reducing the homeowner’s ‘water sports’ (water related activities in the house) was published at GBA last week. Allison Bailes, the self-described energy guy with the funny name, rightly pointed out that temperature plays a key role as well. Temperature Makes Humidity Relative Relative humidity is exactly that…relative. Relative to the current temperature and pressure conditions....

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Should I Insulate My Basement Ceiling – Infrared Chimes In

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in blog |

    The most popular post on this site is,’Should I Insulate My Basement Ceiling‘. Yay, 1st spot on Google searches! The number of reader comments is also a pretty good measure and I get a number of emails. There are tons of questions and some dissenting opinions. My view is that the easiest, most consistent approach in any house is to marry the structural boundary with the thermal, vapor and air controls as closely as possible. Put the...

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